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Jumpoline is a trendsetting trampoline park focusing
on fun, physical activities for young visitors & their families.
It is enjoyable cardio for everyone.

10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

A fun activity for the kids and an excellent way to unleash energy!

Jumpoline at Seef Mall – Isa Town created a unique opportunity for the residents in the area to have an avenue for entertaining and enjoying with their kids. It continues to be a fun activity for the kids of Bahrain and a great way for them to expend energy and get out of their homes to indulge in physical play in a safe, controlled environment.

All You Need to Know

Jumpoline includes Trampoline Basketball, Free Jumping Zone & Wall Climbing

Under the watchful eyes of well-trained staff, Jumpoline has become a great way to encourage young children to be more active and have a fun family day out within their local communities.

The 650 sq. mt. facility can host up to 100 people at a time and includes various activities that a young family could enjoy together aside from having free style fun. Trampoline Basketball, Free Jumping Zone and Wall Climbing are some of the other activities for added adventure and offer an exciting way to challenge kids’ imagination.

Trampoline BD 4 / adventure play BD 2.5 / Lego BD 1.1 (VAT Exclusive)

Daily from 10 AM until 10 PM

Our games are suitable for all ages starting from 5 years old & above.

To know more about our birthday packages, call us at 📞 77911206
We provide free access to special needs cases, and terms & conditions apply. For further details, call us at 📞 77911221 or WhatsApp us 💬 32000378
Yes, kindly call us at 📞 77911221 or WhatsApp us 💬 32000378
Kindly share your request on the following email
Kindly share your CV on the following email
Jumpoline is a cutting-edge trampoline park that prioritizes
entertaining, active events for young visitors and their families.
Everyone finds cardio pleasurable.

Jumpoline Offers & Packages

Get your child a pass to experience activities and games
designed for the younger ones!

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